Cashmere is the finest wool in the world and gives you the feeling of luxury. If you care for your cashmere garments correctly, they will give you that comfortable and luxurious feeling for years to come. We therefore guide you through correctly caring for your precious garments.

Washing Cashmere

It is not necessary to wash your cashmere garments after every wear. Cashmere has self-cleaning properties and hanging it up in the open air is usually sufficient to remove smells. How often you wash it, is up to you. Our advice is to wash sweater after every fourth of fifth wear, as long as the garment is not stained.

To properly wash your cashmere garments, you can bring them to your dry-cleaner or you can wash them yourself. We strongly recommend that you wash cashmere clothes by hand. Would you rather use a washing machine? Then only use a washing machine if it has a special wool program. To hand wash your cashmere, you need a sink (or tub/basin) and a cleanser. Make sure u use a special wool or cashmere cleanser, other cleansers might damage the fibers.

Fill the sink, tub or basin with tepid water and add some cleanser. If there are any stains on the sweater, gently massage a small amount of stain remover into it first. Submerge your cashmere and gently and swirl it around for about a minute. Next, let it soak for 20 – 30 minutes. Remove the dirty water and rinse with clean cool water.

Do not wring your cashmere. This may damage the fibers, they are weaker when wet. Gently remove the water by forming it into a ball. Squeeze instead of stretching or wringing.

Drying Cashmere

When your cashmere garment is ready to dry, do not use a dryer or any other way that involves heat. This will shrink the cashmere. Lay your garment flat on a clean towel or drying rack in its natural shape. Let the air do its job. Do not hang your cashmere, this will change the shape of your garment.

Ironing Cashmere

Cashmere is a delicate fabric, so if you decide to iron it: use the lowest setting and do not use steam. Also, place a cloth between the garment and the iron. Doing this will retain the softness.

Storing Cashmere

Caring for your luxurious cashmere also means paying attention to how you store it. Fold your cashmere loosely, without pressing it. Do not hang it, this will reform the garment. Make sure your closets are moth-free.